Nicole Thomas

NICOLE THOMAS | What’s Your Role in Creating a Healthier Community?

2022 Speakers, Equity, Health, Medicine

HAMZAH SHANBARI | Failure Is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity

2022 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology

ANDREW RUSH | Space: The Now Frontier

2022 Speakers, Human Space Flight, Innovation, Space Exploration

TARA ROBERTS | Into the Depths: Because the Future is Ancestral

2022 Speakers, Slavery, Storytelling, Trauma
Audrey Moran


2022 Speakers, Citizenship, Democracy, Perseverance
Tanaine Jenkins

TANAINE JENKINS | From Prison to President: The Power of Self-Forgiveness

2022 Speakers, Identity, Perseverance, Prison Reform
Lainie Ishbia

LAINIE ISHBIA | Gambling On Humanity With An Invisible Disability

2022 Speakers, Activism, Disability, Discrimination

EVELYN HIGGINS | Understanding Genetic Markers of Addiction

2022 Speakers, Addiction, Genetics, Mental Health

MATT BERSETH | Why Artificial Intelligence Is More Human Than You Think

2022 Speakers, Artificial Intelligence, Data
Ashton Body

ASHTON BODY | How Nanoparticle-Sized Questions Can Make a Big Difference

2022 Speakers, Education, STEM, Youth