TEDxJacksonville | 2017 Annual Conference

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The Florida Theatre
October 2017

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We, The People

We, The People, are the thinkers, makers, doers and dreamers. We are the pacifists and the renegades, the mob and the masses.

We are the inheritors of the past and the hope for the future. Ours is the sweat that builds great cities, the blood that secures freedom, and the strength of spirit that seeks life, liberty and justice for all.

We refuse to be defined — we define ourselves. Whether born here, brought here, or drawn here by America’s bright promise, we come to the table of democracy as equals. We possess the same unalienable rights. We are a multitude of voices bearing witness to experiences that are different and unique, finding power in our diversity and common purpose in the struggle to build a more perfect union. We, The People, control our destiny.

Find your place in We. Because you belong. And we have work to do.



Jaimison Sloboden | Creating People-Safe Roads

2017 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Urban Planning


Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa | Healing, Opportunity, Patients, Empowerment

2017 Speakers, Diversity, Immigration, Inspiration, Medicine, Perseverance


Marc Hudson | Value and Invest in Nature

2017 Speakers, Climate Change, Eco-Utility, Innovation, Nature


Chad Houser | Taking Kids Out of Jail, Teach Them To Play With Knives and Fire

2017 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Job Training, Juvenile Justice, Leadership


Chris Hand | Citizen: The Most Important Title in American Democracy

2017 Speakers, Activism, Citizenship, Democracy, Policy, Politics


Jeff Galloway | Move Your Body — Turn On Your Brain!

2017 Speakers, Education, Health, Running


Ellen Freidin | Florida Citizens Win Redistricting Wars!

2017 Speakers, Citizenship, Data, Gerrymandering, Policy, Politics


Melanie Flores | Can You Learn Engineering in Kindergarten?

2017 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Science, Youth


Manal Fakhoury, Pharm.D. | Defining and Defeating the Opioid Crisis

2017 Speakers, Addiction, Health, Sociology


Shari Duval | A New Leash on Life for American Veterans

2017 Speakers, Inspiration, Philanthropy, PTSD, Veterans


Amy Donofrio | At-Risk or At-Hope? How We Label Youth Matters

2017 Speakers, Crime, Education, Equity, Human Rights, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Social Justice, Stereotypes, Youth


Brenda T. Bradley, Ph.D. | No Prescription Necessary: How to Make Food Your Medicine

2017 Speakers, Food, Health


Cynthia Barnett | Rain: A History for Stormy Times

2017 Speakers, Climate Change, Nature, Water




Nicolle Guerra | Guerra Grooves

2017 Performers, Latin Groove, Musical Performance


Arjola Miruku | An Ode to Beethoven and Chopin

2017 Performers, Classical Piano, Musical Performance


University of North Florida Chamber Singers

2017 Performers, Chamber Music, Musical Performance

UNF Chamber Singers

What to Expect at a TEDxJacksonville Conference . . .

Expect to be amazed. The pace of technological, biomedical and scientific progress continues to accelerate, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Speakers like Rawan Al-kharboosh, Joy Wolfram, and Spring Behrouz have cast a light on the groundbreaking research being undertaken in our Jacksonville community.

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