ANDREW RUSH | Space: The Now Frontier

There’s more to space than just stepping on the Moon or seeing stunning images of our universe. Space has a meaningful and powerful impact on our everyday lives on Earth. In addition to essentials like weather monitoring, GPS, and satellite internet and TV, we’re just beginning to reap the value of microgravity as a resource for revolutionizing medicine, agriculture, communications, and manufacturing. Today, scientists are experimenting with 3D printing human organs in-space using STEM cells —a task ill-suited to Earth’s gravity — and growing pharmaceutical and industrial crystals that are more perfect than their Terran counterparts. And soon, cutting-edge technologies that enable spacecraft to refuel other spacecraft and assemble and manufacture parts of themselves on-orbit will unleash the potential for new discoveries and advancements here on Earth. Andrew Rush and Jacksonville-based company Redwire are accelerating humanity’s expansion into space and envisioning a future where Earth’s orbit becomes Earth’s eighth continent.

Andrew Rush

Andrew Rush is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Redwire. As an experienced aerospace executive and thought leader, Andrew oversees Redwire's business portfolio, long-term planning, and strategic investments. Under Andrew’s guidance, Redwire diversified its portfolio across civil, national security, and commercial organizations, including significantly boosting the International Space Station’s power-generating capability with roll-out solar arrays, building more than 40 antennas for a national security customer, and providing state-of-the-art digital engineering solutions for commercial providers. A strong advocate for manufacturing technology development and adoption, Andrew has positioned Redwire at the vanguard of in-space servicing, assembly and manufacturing capabilities, leading the company to become the first to manufacture parts in space, sell a space-built product to a customer on Earth, and build the first-ever satellite that will manufacture and assemble parts of itself on-orbit.