TEDxJacksonville | 2015 Annual Conference

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WJCT Studios
October 2015

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Into the Machine

Today we are in the infancy of a second Machine Age, one with profoundly disruptive potential.

Man and machine have melded. Artificial intelligence is real. Virtual communities feel authentic. We enjoy near-boundless access to information that enriches our lives, in exchange for allowing invisible machines to decrypt our every impulse and keystroke.

Our perceptions of reality, our structures of meaning, our sense of identity — all are touched and transformed by the machines we have built to mediate between our world and ourselves.

But whether it’s the public relations machines curating our culture, or the therapeutic implants transforming our biological limitations, or the social machines crowdsourcing solutions to intractable problems, we are right to wonder which of us — man or machine — is truly in control.



Fatène Ben-Hamza | Collaboration: Venturing Further With Safe Spaces

2015 Speakers, Arab Spring, Fear, Human Rights, Safe Spaces


Jennifer Adler | Illusions: A Lens into Our Fragile Freshwater

2015 Speakers, Climate Change, Photography, Sustainability, Water


Tessa Duvall | Learning the Truth About Bad Schools

2015 Speakers, Education, Equity, Food Insecurity, Innovation, Poverty, Stereotypes, Youth


Kevin Hyde | Ban the Box

2015 Speakers, Discrimination, Incarceration, Job Training, Stereotypes


Jim Barbaresso | Driverless Cars and Connected Infrastructure: The Future?

2015 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Transportation, Urban Planning


Peter Carney | Designing Curiosity

2015 Speakers, Education, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Music, Technology, Youth


Jordan Edelheit | Breaking Stereotypes, Building Empathy

2015 Speakers, Human Rights, Incarceration, Innovation, Prison Reform, Stereotypes


Kevin Gover | (Re)Making History: The Real Story Is Bigger and Better

2015 Speakers, History, Native Americans, Race, Stereotypes


Tim Harris | What Is Important Is Love

2015 Speakers, Community, Disability, Inspiration


Mark McCombs | Why Every Kid Should Build a Robot

2015 Speakers, Education, Robotics, Science, STEM, Technology, Youth


John Phillips | America’s Greatest Enemy: The Virus of Prejudice

2015 Speakers, Discrimination, Fear, Human Rights, Justice System, Race, Social Justice, Stereotypes


Peter Rummell | Placemaking Meets Healthmaking

2015 Speakers, Collaboration, Health, Placemaking, Urban Planning




Complicated Animals

2015 Performers, Indie Pop, Musical Performance


Canary in the Coalmine

2015 Performers, Folk Rock, Musical Performance


The Ritz Chamber Players

2015 Performers, Chamber Music, Musical Performance

Musicians Ritz Chamber

Wise River

2015 Performers, Folk Rock, Musical Performance

Laura Shannon of the Band Wise River

What to Expect at a TEDxJacksonville Conference . . .

Expect to be blown away by the musical performances. Did you know that the E in TED stands for entertainment? Some of the most magical moments at TEDxJacksonville come when the performers grace the stage. Mama Blue and JJ Grey at the 2014 conference. The incredible closing set in 2015, where all the performers jammed to Lynyrd Skynyd’s Free Bird. And don’t even get us started on the masterful performances by Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in 2018 — it brought down the house and still gives us chills.

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