TEDxJacksonville | 2018 Annual Conference

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The Florida Theatre
October 2018

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Exchange: Conversations for the curious

Exchange is the antidote to isolation and to ignorance.

Exchange — whether of materials between organisms, or ideas between people — is key to the processes we recognize as essential to life.

Some exchanges are visible, predictable, calibrated in known currencies at agreed rates. Others are veiled but potent, with the capacity to create and to devastate in equal measure.

Discover the power of exchange. Shift your perspective and abandon your assumptions.

Together, let’s exchange the seen for the unseen, the built for the unbuilt, and the status quo for lives that are full of challenge, meaning, and impact.



Anne Driscoll | We Are All Witnesses

2018 Speakers, Activism, Crime, Memory


Brian Wu | Have You Ever Seen a Planet With Two Suns?

2018 Speakers, Astronomy, Data, Science, Space Exploration, Youth


Mark Woods | Find Your Rock: Why We Need Our National Parks

2018 Speakers, Climate Change, Inspiration, Nature


Joy Wolfram, Ph.D | The Promise of Nanomedicine

2018 Speakers, Data, Innovation, Medicine, Nanomedicine, Science


Claudia Wilner | Driving While Poor

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Justice System, Policing, Poverty, Prison Reform


Philip Robbie | Examining the Unbuilt

2018 Speakers, Architecture, Arts & Culture, Innovation


Anunnaki Ray Marquez | Born Intersex: We are human!

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, Intersex, LGBTQIA, Policy


Ash Perrin | The Power of Play

2018 Speakers, Collaboration, Human Rights, Inspiration, Philanthropy, Refugees, Youth


Kristin Keen | Ending Human Trafficking

2018 Speakers, Exploitation, Human Trafficking


Jeffreen Hayes, Ph.D | Arts Activism In Simple Steps

2018 Speakers, Activism, Arts & Culture, Diversity, Race


Iris Ivana Grant | Subculture of Giving: It’s a Lifestyle

2018 Speakers, Diversity, Inspiration, Philanthropy


Benjamin Carlton | I’m Black, I’m a Minister, and I’m Gay. Who Are You to Judge?

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, LGBTQIA, Policy, Stereotypes

Benjamin Carlton



John Lumpkin and The Covenant

2018 Performers, Jazz, Musical Performance

John Lumpkin

Bold City Contemporary Ensemble

2018 Performers, Musical Performance

logo Bold City Contemporary Ensemble

Douglas Anderson Dancers

2018 Performers, Dance Performance

Douglas Anderson Dancers

What to Expect at a TEDxJacksonville Conference . . .

Expect to meet the city’s most interesting people. The conference experience isn’t just about big ideas, or the speakers on the stage. It’s also about what happens in the audience — one populated by interesting people who value ideas and share a common commitment to intellectual discovery. 

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