TEDxJacksonville | 2019 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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The Florida Theatre
October 2019

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It’s just one syllable. But it’s also a sound, a taste, a moment, a movement, a cultural phenomenon.

POP is the space between before and after. It’s that startling, intense explosion of inspiration that leaves something new and momentous in its wake.

POP is a virtual playground of heightened senses and saturated colors, sizzling with sudden insight. It’s that electric moment the blinders fall and you can see the light and promise and energy and potential of something about to be made manifest.

POP is the birthplace of ideas.

POP is what comes next . . . so be ready for it.



Husain Abbas, M.D. | Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the Operating Room

2019 Speakers, Health, Innovation, Medicine, Robotics, Technology


Rawan Al-kharboosh | Engineering Stem Cells

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Medicine, Stem Cells, Technology


Linda Argila | Why We Need Prison Reform: An Insider’s Perspective

2019 Speakers, Incarceration, Prison Reform


Daron Babcock | Planting Hope

2019 Speakers, Agriculture, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Food Insecurity, Philanthropy, Social Justice


Brandon Griggs | The Illiteracy-to-Prison Connection

2019 Speakers, Education, Illiteracy, Juvenile Justice, Perseverance, Prison Reform, Social Justice, Youth


Thomas Hargrove I Reducing the Odds of Murder

2019 Speakers, Collaboration, Crime, Data, Murder, Safe Spaces, Technology


Tammy Hodo, Ph.D. | Race Isn’t Real

2019 Speakers, Diversity, Equity, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Sociology


Michael Platt | Kids Can Solve Big Problems

2019 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Food Insecurity, Philanthropy, Social Justice, Youth


Jeff Sheffield | The Pulse Behind a Smart City

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Smart Cities, Urban Planning


Phillip A. Singleton | Real Change Comes Through Policy, Not Protest

2019 Speakers, Hip Hop, Policy, Politics, Social Justice


Joy Young | E Pluribus Art

2019 Speakers, Arts & Culture, Diversity




Mal Jones | The Lyricist Live

2019 Performers, Hip Hop, Spoken Word Performance


Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

2019 Performers, Musical Performance


Jacksonville University Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts program performers

2019 Performers, Musical Performance


What to Expect at a TEDxJacksonville Conference . . .

Expect to be surprised. Some talks are shocking, replete with uncomfortable truths. Others are energizing, enlightening, inspiring, even transcendent. Bring an open mind and be prepared to take a journey that challenges you to consider new perspectives.

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