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TEDxJacksonville | 2021 Annual Conference

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Terry Theater, Times-Union Center
October 2021

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For too long, it’s what we haven’t been able to do.

Its stand-ins — virtual hugs, air kisses over Zoom, smiles beamed to satellites before they can be seen — have been woefully inadequate in the face of so much loss, disruption, and grief.

But over the last eighteen months, we’ve learned that embrace is about more than just holding someone close.

It’s the act of holding one another up, of leaning in, of creating space to be heard and drawing on our shared strength to power necessary change.

As we rebuild, let’s embrace new opportunities. To hold. To accept. To connect. To discover. To acknowledge different truths. To be honest about where we are, and work together toward something better: a more resilient and equitable world where each of us can thrive.

Embrace today. Create tomorrow.

Theme video produced by our partners at Kennetic Productions. The video was directed and edited by Tony Sarte with executive producer Chris Kennelly.



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What to Expect at a TEDxJacksonville Conference . . .

Expect to fall in love with your city again. Jacksonville has the best people. People who aren’t afraid to get to work. People who are optimistic and passionate about creating change. People who invest in others. TEDxJacksonville is where you’ll meet them, and and where you’ll rediscover what makes this city shine. 

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