Ashton Body

ASHTON BODY | How Nanoparticle-Sized Questions Can Make a Big Difference

2022 Speakers, Education, STEM, Youth

Deyona Burton | What’s in a Name?

2021 Speakers, Activism, Leadership, Policy, Youth

Jabrea Ali | Stop the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma. You Matter

LGBTQIA, Mental Health, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Mario Barrozo | The American Education System Needs to Change

Education, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Aidan Chau | A Solution to Climate Change

Climate Change, Innovation, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Jessica Malosh | Interconnected, Yet Lonely — Rethink Social Media

Mental Health, Social Media, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Winston Seabrooks | Bringing Hope and Pride Back to Your Inner City School

Collaboration, Education, Equity, Social Justice, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Zariah Swanigan | The Power of a Compliment

Mental Health, TEDxYouth@Jacksonville, Youth

Michael Platt | Kids Can Solve Big Problems

2019 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Food Insecurity, Philanthropy, Social Justice, Youth

Brandon Griggs | The Illiteracy-to-Prison Connection

2019 Speakers, Education, Illiteracy, Juvenile Justice, Perseverance, Prison Reform, Social Justice, Youth