Aidan Chau | A Solution to Climate Change

The current issue are the forefront of many youth’s minds is the ongoing climate crisis. In recent times, there has been a significant and urgent call to plant more trees to slow the effects of climate change. However, trees—although they help—simply take up too much space on land, grow too slowly, and release CO2 when burned. Algae is a more effective solution to the drawbacks of trees. The benefits of algae are much more substantial than the benefits received by planting billions of trees. There is simply much more ocean water than land, creating more opportunity for massive algae farms that when made, will save the world from our climate crisis. In his talk, Aidan Chau discusses the non-traditional idea of sequestering CO2 with algae and explores how algae might serve as a potential solution to climate change along with many other practical applications.

When he recorded this talk in 2020, Aidan Chau was a high school junior. Formerly the principal clarinetist at the World Youth Symphony Orchestra, Aidan is also the founder and CEO of Artfully Green, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for climate change through art and conducts climate change research. Aidan sees an opportunity for humanity to take a step in the right direction against climate change.