Mario Barrozo | The American Education System Needs to Change

Mario Barrozo acknowledges that Duval county’s public school system has significant flaws. But that doesn’t mean that it is a lost cause. In his talk, Mario looks at what makes certain school systems around the world successful, and then suggests how the American education system can be changed to be better aligned with that of other countries. He addresses both private and public institutions across elementary, middle, and high school levels, as well as the bridge between standard schooling and post-secondary education.  With great support backing a radical push for better education, Mario believes it’s up to the current generation to ensure that future generations are getting the education that they deserve, one of equal opportunity and a positive impact on adolescents and children alike.

Mario Barrozo

When he recorded this talk in 2020, Mario was a high school junior and an aspiring doctor. He is active in and holds leadership roles in numerous school clubs, including Key Club, Chief Executive Student Ambassador, Great Decisions Club, and National Spanish Honor Society. Additionally, Mario is an alumnus of Youth Leadership Jacksonville, a program that fosters connections with local leaders and promotes leadership skills in students across Northeast Florida. Mario has completed over 400 hours of community service with various Jacksonville organizations.