Alexa Hagerty, PhD | Anthropologist & AI Ethicist

2023 Speakers, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Democracy, Digital Privacy, Human Rights, Technology

Matthew Chang | Autonomous Systems Expert

2023 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Robotics, Technology, Workplace

HAMZAH SHANBARI | Failure Is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity

2022 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Technology

Husain Abbas, M.D. | Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the Operating Room

2019 Speakers, Health, Innovation, Medicine, Robotics, Technology

Rawan Al-kharboosh | Engineering Stem Cells

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Medicine, Stem Cells, Technology

Thomas Hargrove I Reducing the Odds of Murder

2019 Speakers, Collaboration, Crime, Data, Murder, Safe Spaces, Technology

Jon N. Cowart | A Retrospective on the Future of Space Exploration

2012 Speakers, Human Space Flight, Space Exploration, Space Travel, Technology, TEDxRiversideAvondale

Tracy Alloway, Ph.D. | Facebook Fearless: How Social Media Can Be Good For You

2016 Speakers, Memory, Social Media, Technology

Gary Chartrand | It’s Okay To Be Unreasonable

2016 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Philanthropy, Science, STEM, Technology, Youth

Amber Yang | The Space Debris Apocalypse: Finding Unexpected Solutions Through STEM Education

2016 Speakers, Data, Equity, Inspiration, Sexism, Space Exploration, STEM, Technology