Matthew Chang | Autonomous Systems Expert

Robots used to be the stuff of science fiction. Soon, they’ll be your coworkers. Tomorrow’s workforce will work hand in hand with robotics in nearly every industry sector. Leading this transition will be collaborative robots, aka co-bots, which are designed and manufactured to work safely alongside humans. Cobots boost manufacturing efficiency, flexibility, productivity, and quality, and can ease physical stresses on their human counterparts, freeing up traditional workers to focus on the more important and enjoyable aspects of their jobs. As a champion of the adoption of cobotics, Matthew Chang has personally led the engineering teams that have developed the largest cobotic systems in the world, across industries as diverse as manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. But he acknowledges the adjustment to this new way of working will not be painless. Will the pain of adoption be offset by the increase in workforce satisfaction?

Matthew Chang | In the future your coworker will be a robot

Matthew Chang is one of the top innovation leaders in the region with a focus on transformational technology and autonomous robotics. Matthew is a licensed engineer in the USA and in China, having earned his degree from Georgia Tech. Matthew developed his business skills at Jacksonville University, earning an Executive MBA. Matthew currently serves as a board advisor for Jacksonville University and a board member of Lifework Leadership. As an entrepreneur he founded Chang Industrial, a technology systems engineering firm that has twice been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Florida.