Anne Coglianese | Resilience Specialist

2023 Speakers, Climate Change, Data, Policy, Science, Smart Cities, Sustainability

Iva Ballou | Facial Difference Advocate

2023 Speakers, Activism, Civic Engagement, Facial Differences, Health, Policy

Deyona Burton | What’s in a Name?

2021 Speakers, Activism, Leadership, Policy, Youth

Phillip A. Singleton | Real Change Comes Through Policy, Not Protest

2019 Speakers, Hip Hop, Policy, Politics, Social Justice

Anunnaki Ray Marquez | Born Intersex: We are human!

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, Intersex, LGBTQIA, Policy
Benjamin Carlton

Benjamin Carlton | I’m Black, I’m a Minister, and I’m Gay. Who Are You to Judge?

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, LGBTQIA, Policy, Stereotypes

Chris Hand | Citizen: The Most Important Title in American Democracy

2017 Speakers, Activism, Citizenship, Democracy, Policy, Politics

Ellen Freidin | Florida Citizens Win Redistricting Wars!

2017 Speakers, Citizenship, Data, Gerrymandering, Policy, Politics

Nancy Soderberg | A New Global Compact

2013 Speakers, Collaboration, Foreign Relations, Leadership, Policy

Bob Inglis | Changing the Dialogue on Energy and Climate

2013 Speakers, Climate Change, Policy, Politics, Sustainability