Phillip A. Singleton | Real Change Comes Through Policy, Not Protest

Throughout American history, our state and federal laws have controlled the physical, ideological and socioeconomic conditions of black lives in America. For generations, they have determined how blacks could marry, where they could live, if they were able to get a quality education and if it was illegal for them to know how to read. Those laws were implemented because there was no black voice at the table. As a political strategist working at the highest levels of state government, Phillip Singleton knows these historical issues underpin much of what he advocates for in terms of positive change for black lives in America. But it’s his familiarity with the political system that has taught him how to work within its constraints to push the needle forward. He believes real change only comes through negotiating policy decisions, not protesting a perceived injustice. His talk focuses on how the black community—without sacrificing its unique identity and perspective—can become fluent in the rules and language of state politics and effect positive change.

Phillip A. Singleton

Phillip A. Singleton is a best-selling author, political strategist, and influencer known as the Hip Hop Lobbyist. In 2014, he founded the full-service governmental affairs and multicultural outreach firm Singleton Consulting. Phillip previously served as Legislative Director for a law firm, providing clients with legislative guidance, culturally targeted messaging and strategic campaign outreach. In 2010, at the age of 24, he became the youngest African-American lobbyist in Florida’s history.

During his time working in Florida’s political process, Phillip has played an instrumental role in passing legislation regarding the expansion of Major League Soccer in Florida; securing resources for top 50 and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs); campaign and election reform; along with securing millions in state resources for various local government and economic development projects.

Since opening his firm in 2014, Phillip Singleton has given underserved communities, nonprofits, and institutions of higher education a seat at the political table. He has secured millions in resources for at-risk youth programs and economic development initiatives in urban communities throughout Florida. He has been recognized by many governmental and media entities for his work with millennials and in bridging the gap between politics and urban culture. He was proud in 2018 to serve U.S. Congressman Al Lawson (FL) as his Senior Advisor in his successful reelection campaign. He is married to Jalencia A. Singleton of Delray Beach, Florida.