Anne Coglianese | Resilience Specialist

In an age of climate crisis, what does it mean to be a resilient city? Part of “future-proofing” Jacksonville requires modifying our city government to embrace change. Environmental changes like increasing storms and flooding will require redesigning our network of rivers and tributaries to accommodate more water. Social changes like population growth will require the city to rethink how demand for critical resources like energy, water, housing, development, and jobs are managed. Data and science are tools that city governments can use to anticipate future conditions and improve regulatory and financial systems to accommodate change. Anne Coglianese, Jacksonville’s first Chief Resilience Officer, will talk about how our city’s data-informed, science-based resilience planning will advance the notion of what it means to be a resilient city.

Anne Coglianese | Data, science & future proofing Florida's biggest city

Anne Coglianese is the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Jacksonville. In this capacity, Anne leads the development of resilience initiatives to ensure Jacksonville can adapt and thrive in the face of acute shocks and chronic stresses brought on by climate change. Previously, Anne served as the Coastal Resilience Manager for the City of New Orleans where she implemented naturebased solutions to sea-level rise and coastal land loss. Anne’s previous experience also includes serving at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where she participated in the development of climate resilience policies to meet the Obama administration’s resilience goals.