Alexa Hagerty, PhD | Anthropologist & AI Ethicist

2023 Speakers, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Democracy, Digital Privacy, Human Rights, Technology

BASMA ALAWEE | Recognizing the Collective Power of Refugees

2022 Speakers, Human Rights, Refugees, Stereotypes

Sara Ting | Uncover and Overcome All Unconscious Biases Within

2021 Speakers, Arts & Culture, Diversity, Human Rights

Fatène Ben-Hamza | Collaboration: Venturing Further With Safe Spaces

2015 Speakers, Arab Spring, Fear, Human Rights, Safe Spaces

Pastor Michael Smith | Black Murder is Normal

2014 Speakers, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Stereotypes

Tammy Hodo, Ph.D. | Race Isn’t Real

2019 Speakers, Diversity, Equity, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Sociology

Claudia Wilner | Driving While Poor

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Justice System, Policing, Poverty, Prison Reform

Anunnaki Ray Marquez | Born Intersex: We are human!

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, Intersex, LGBTQIA, Policy

Ash Perrin | The Power of Play

2018 Speakers, Collaboration, Human Rights, Inspiration, Philanthropy, Refugees, Youth
Benjamin Carlton

Benjamin Carlton | I’m Black, I’m a Minister, and I’m Gay. Who Are You to Judge?

2018 Speakers, Human Rights, Inspiration, LGBTQIA, Policy, Stereotypes