Sara Ting | Uncover and Overcome All Unconscious Biases Within

Sara Ting has dedicated her life to advancing the power of poetry. Poetry, she believes, does what little else can. Whereas laws and policies cannot remove prejudices or biases from one’s mind or heart, poetry can empower people to become more self-aware of their biases without judgment and forge a deeper connection with our shared humanity.

Sara Ting

Sara Ting is a visionary, innovator, diversity-and-inclusion educator, trainer, speaker, consultant, and author. She is the founder and president of World Unity, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a continuing and lasting contribution towards the elimination of all forms of racial, ethnic, religious and cultural bigotry, prejudices, discrimination and biases.

Sara’s knowledge and understanding of diversity comes from her rich experience growing up in America at a time when there were very few Asian Americans. Throughout her life she has confronted the issue of diversity. Her activism to advance equality came alive through the Sun poem she wrote in a personal journal in 1978, a poem that then became the cornerstone of city-wide multi-media public service campaigns promoting racial and ethnic harmony in Boston, New York City and Providence, Rhode Island. She designed a diversity and inclusion workshop that uses poetry and has presented it to organizations across the U.S. She also served 20 years as a poet-in-residence, teaching students at the elementary grade level the art of writing poetry, and developed a workshop with the “Sun” poem to teach students equality.