Amy Donofrio | At-Risk or At-Hope? How We Label Youth Matters

2017 Speakers, Crime, Education, Equity, Human Rights, Juvenile Justice, Policing, Social Justice, Stereotypes, Youth

Cullen Hoback | We Don’t Have a Privacy Problem

2014 Speakers, Digital Privacy, Human Rights, Policy, Social Media, Technology

Sara Gaver | Beyond Face Value

2014 Speakers, Disability, Discrimination, Equity, Human Rights, Inspiration, Stereotypes

Jordan Edelheit | Breaking Stereotypes, Building Empathy

2015 Speakers, Human Rights, Incarceration, Innovation, Prison Reform, Stereotypes

John Phillips | America’s Greatest Enemy: The Virus of Prejudice

2015 Speakers, Discrimination, Fear, Human Rights, Justice System, Race, Social Justice, Stereotypes