Alexa Hagerty, PhD | Anthropologist & AI Ethicist

2023 Speakers, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Digital Privacy, Human Rights, Technology

Anne Coglianese | Resilience Specialist

2023 Speakers, Climate Change, Data, Policy, Science, Smart Cities, Sustainability

MATT BERSETH | Why Artificial Intelligence Is More Human Than You Think

2022 Speakers, Artificial Intelligence, Data

Thomas Hargrove I Reducing the Odds of Murder

2019 Speakers, Collaboration, Crime, Data, Murder, Safe Spaces, Technology

Brian Wu | Have You Ever Seen a Planet With Two Suns?

2018 Speakers, Astronomy, Data, Science, Space Exploration, Youth

Joy Wolfram, Ph.D | The Promise of Nanomedicine

2018 Speakers, Data, Innovation, Medicine, Nanomedicine, Science

Jaimison Sloboden | Creating People-Safe Roads

2017 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Ellen Freidin | Florida Citizens Win Redistricting Wars!

2017 Speakers, Citizenship, Data, Gerrymandering, Policy, Politics

Amber Yang | The Space Debris Apocalypse: Finding Unexpected Solutions Through STEM Education

2016 Speakers, Data, Equity, Inspiration, Sexism, Space Exploration, STEM, Technology

Spring Behrouz | The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience

2014 Speakers, Brain Injuries, Data, Medicine, Memory, Technology