Husain Abbas, M.D. | Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the Operating Room

2019 Speakers, Health, Innovation, Medicine, Robotics, Technology

Rawan Al-kharboosh | Engineering Stem Cells

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Medicine, Stem Cells, Technology

Linda Argila | Why We Need Prison Reform: An Insider’s Perspective

2019 Speakers, Incarceration, Prison Reform

Daron Babcock | Planting Hope

2019 Speakers, Agriculture, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Food Insecurity, Philanthropy, Social Justice

Brandon Griggs | The Illiteracy-to-Prison Connection

2019 Speakers, Education, Illiteracy, Juvenile Justice, Perseverance, Prison Reform, Social Justice, Youth

Thomas Hargrove I Reducing the Odds of Murder

2019 Speakers, Collaboration, Crime, Data, Murder, Safe Spaces, Technology

Tammy Hodo, Ph.D. | Race Isn’t Real

2019 Speakers, Diversity, Equity, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Sociology

Michael Platt | Kids Can Solve Big Problems

2019 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Food Insecurity, Philanthropy, Social Justice, Youth

Jeff Sheffield | The Pulse Behind a Smart City

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Phillip A. Singleton | Real Change Comes Through Policy, Not Protest

2019 Speakers, Hip Hop, Policy, Politics, Social Justice