Michelle Ramos, JD, PhD | Philanthropy Must Be Decolonized

Our systems of giving are broken. The “giving architecture” of American philanthropy — knowingly or not — lifts up and doubles down on entrenched privilege and power, contributing significantly to the disparity of funding allocations in the non-profit sector. Michelle Ramos calls for a shift to what philanthropy should have been all along — a resource for all, not just for some, and a force for good that shares money and control equitably, while empowering communities to lead and make decisions in their own best interests.

Dr. Michelle Ramos

Dr. Michelle Ramos brings a diversity of experience to her role as Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS and founder of Ramos Coaching. Her most recent experience includes working in criminal justice reform at the Vera Institute of Justice, philanthropic work as Program Officer for the Women’s Foundation of California, and service organization leadership on the boards of Dance/USA and Performing Arts Alliance.

A licensed attorney with a PhD in Psychology, she has significant organizing experience and has committed her career to serving communities and individuals adversely impacted by issues of race, gender, disability, class, socioeconomics, inequitable laws, and systemic oppression. She has consulted for over 20 years nationally.

She is the proud mother of Broadway choreographer, Ellenore Scott, and since retiring from her own dance career, Ramos has continued to teach ballet locally, performs with Ritmeaux Krewe (New Orleans’s first Latinx Mardi Gras Krewe), is a competitive triathlete and Ironman finisher, and enjoys her Southern New Orleans lifestyle.