Nicolle Guerra | Guerra Grooves

The sound that is “GUERRA” emerges from the musical collaboration between vocalist Nicolle Guerra and bassist Ariel DLP. Smooth, funky, soulful, and powerful, GUERRA combines two worlds of influences propelled by a love for the grooves and rhythms of Cuba, New York City, and Miami.

Powerhouse vocals from Nicolle 'Nikki' Guerra combine her deep Cuban roots in Miami, with her time in New York City and Spain, blending genres and cultures while remaining true to her mission to instill a message of empowerment in her songs. Nicolle works extensively with survivors of human trafficking and others in recovery from trauma, using music to heal and motivate.

Cuban musician Ariel DLP is an eclectic multicultural bassist and songwriter who is greatly influenced by early rock ‘n’ roll, the blues, and Cuban Son. Ariel has played with a wide variety of musicians in the New York and Miami scenes, in addition to the Southwest Virginia region, where both Nicolle and Ariel tour with Dave Eggar and HOLLER JAKE.