Taryn Wharwood

Speaker Coach
Taryn “LoveReigns” Wharwood is a multifaceted creative force, renowned for her roles as a poet, writer, author, emcee, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and curator. Affectionately known as Love, she has become a catalyst for empowering performers, artists, and entertainers within her community.

Currently serving as the Program Director for The Performers Academy of Jacksonville, Love’s mark on Jacksonville’s artistic landscape is undeniable, as she stands as the founder of Artis(Tree) Live, The Closet Jax, and as the Co-Founder of The Cypher Open Mic Poetry & Soul—an event that boasts the title of the longest-running open mic in Jacksonville’s history, and recently served on the Mayor’s transition team for Arts, Culture & Entertainment.

Through her words, her aura, and her indomitable spirit, Love exudes love in every facet of her being. Meeting her is an experience that underscores why Love truly does Reign. Her impact on the artistic community and beyond is a testament to her unwavering commitment to uplifting, inspiring, and creating spaces for self-expression and growth.