Reese the Poet

In this poignant spoken word performance, Reese the Poet takes us on journey exploring our intertwined existence with nature, where the lessons of life aren’t confined to textbooks but whispered through the rustling leaves and resilient roots. It’s a lyrical reminder to rekindle our harmony with nature — and with one another — by embracing a path back to peace, grace, and mutual cultivation. Film credits: Executive Producer: Keagan Anfuso and Kennetic Productions; Director of Photography: Shamie Barrett; Production Assistants: Ron Hubbard and Etinosa Mumphrey; Camera PA: Jennifer Altman; Gaffer: Jaye Kenyon; Set Designers: Crystal Floyd and Adam Hill; Art Director: Adam Hill; Art PA: Shannon Greene

Reece the poet
Fenton Reese

Spoken word artist Reese the Poet is also an artist, musician, and communicator who specializes in story-telling. He is also a youth inspirational speaker and life skills teacher who aims to educate, equip, and empower students to make healthy life choices though verbal engagement and critical thinking exercises.