Colah B. Tawkin | Plantrepreneur

Through her popular podcast, Black in the Garden, Colah B. Tawkin inspires and encourages Black individuals to embrace the transformative power of gardening as a tool for personal growth, empowerment, and cultural preservation. She works to foster a deeper connection with plants and nature, and to ignite a sense of pride and resilience within the Black community through the act of nurturing and cultivating life. Colah’s talk offers a pathway for individuals to rediscover their roots, reclaim ancestral knowledge, and find solace in the healing embrace of nature. By honoring and celebrating these cultural connections to the land, we strengthen our collective identity, promote intergenerational bonds, and contribute to a stronger, more empowered, and culturally rich community.

Colah B. Tawkin | From Unhoused to Empowered: Gardening’s transformative power

Colah B. Tawkin is a visionary leader, skillfully combining her passion for planting with her creativity and charisma on the mic. As the mastermind behind the "Black in the Garden" podcast and founder of "Underground Arborist," she's on a mission to diversify plant-related industries as she amplifies the green aspect of Black culture. In its first years, the podcast gained top ratings and a global audience, connecting with influential guests and fostering inclusivity. Colah's wit and insights make horticulture accessible, while her role as a mother and former trucker enriches her unique perspective. She's a sought-after speaker and an ambassador for environmental stewardship through her non-profit. Colah embraces her calling as the planeteer Captain Planet raised her to be, blooming with purpose and making a powerful impact!