2023 Performers, Diversity, Equity, Identity, Race, Spoken Word Performance

Vishavjit Singh | Storytelling: Our Most Potent Superpower

2021 Speakers, Diversity, Identity, Prejudice, Race, Stereotypes, Storytelling

Nicol Headley | No More Shame

2021 Speakers, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Race

Pastor Michael Smith | Black Murder is Normal

2014 Speakers, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Stereotypes

Tammy Hodo, Ph.D. | Race Isn’t Real

2019 Speakers, Diversity, Equity, Human Rights, Race, Social Justice, Sociology

Jeffreen Hayes, Ph.D | Arts Activism In Simple Steps

2018 Speakers, Activism, Arts & Culture, Diversity, Race

Al Letson | State of the Re:Union — How I Learned to Fly

2012 Speakers, Inspiration, Race, Social Justice, Spoken Word Performance, TEDxRiversideAvondale

JeffriAnne Wilder | Race Talk: Activating the Power of Self-Definition

2016 Speakers, Academia, Diversity, Equity, Race, Sexism, Sociology

Herb Donaldson | How To Survive an Execution

2014 Speakers, Capital Punishment, Incarceration, Justice System, Race

Kevin Gover | (Re)Making History: The Real Story Is Bigger and Better

2015 Speakers, History, Native Americans, Race, Stereotypes