Nicole Thomas

NICOLE THOMAS | What’s Your Role in Creating a Healthier Community?

2022 Speakers, Equity, Health, Medicine

Delaney Liskey | Researching Your Own Disease

2021 Speakers, Health, Medicine, Research, Science

Husain Abbas, M.D. | Robots and Artificial Intelligence in the Operating Room

2019 Speakers, Health, Innovation, Medicine, Robotics, Technology

Rawan Al-kharboosh | Engineering Stem Cells

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Medicine, Stem Cells, Technology

Joy Wolfram, Ph.D | The Promise of Nanomedicine

2018 Speakers, Data, Innovation, Medicine, Nanomedicine, Science

Dr. Alfredo QuiƱones-Hinojosa | Healing, Opportunity, Patients, Empowerment

2017 Speakers, Diversity, Immigration, Inspiration, Medicine, Perseverance

Judi Herring | Gender Bound

2014 Speakers, Diversity, Health, Intersex, LGBTQIA, Medicine

Spring Behrouz | The Dynamic Future of Neuroscience

2014 Speakers, Brain Injuries, Data, Medicine, Memory, Technology