Judi Herring | Gender Bound

Rejecting the present conception of gender as a value reduced to a single variable — the presence or absence of a penis — Dr. Judi Herring calls us to move beyond gender labels that too often serve as the primary reference point for how we relate to one another. Rather than enforce conformity to an either/or standard, we must embrace the reality of gender diversity. In reality, notes Herring, “There are as many genders as there are people on the planet.”

Judi Herring’s journey into the complexity of gender began in the early 1990s in a Baltimore hospital room where a child waited for an answer. As a urologic surgeon in training, Judi would help the child conform to a cultural mandate and give the child’s parents a response to the time-honored question: boy or girl? The experience illuminated a broader truth that Judi carried forward while publicly navigating a more accessible unknowing pathway.

Working with Bert Herring, Judi invited others to unknow healthy eating and literally conduct self-study to discover new insights. Worldwide enthusiasm for challenging healthy eating dogma fuels Judi’s confidence that the world is ready to explore gender in the context of unknowing.