Melanie Flores | Can You Learn Engineering in Kindergarten?

2017 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Science, Youth

Chad Houser | Taking Kids Out of Jail, Teach Them To Play With Knives and Fire

2017 Speakers, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Job Training, Juvenile Justice, Leadership

Marc Hudson | Value and Invest in Nature

2017 Speakers, Climate Change, Eco-Utility, Innovation, Nature

Parvez Ahmed | Making Sustainability Mainstream

2012 Speakers, Climate Change, Collaboration, Innovation, Sustainability, TEDxRiversideAvondale

Roger Nierenberg | The Music Paradigm

2012 Speakers, Arts & Culture, Innovation, Leadership, TEDxRiversideAvondale

Matt Rutherford | Tales from the Ocean’s Garbage Patch

2013 Speakers, Climate Change, Innovation, Nature, Sustainability, Water

Bruce Ganger | Moving Toward a Hunger Solution

2013 Speakers, Collaboration, Food, Food Insecurity, Innovation

Gary Chartrand | It’s Okay To Be Unreasonable

2016 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Philanthropy, Science, STEM, Technology, Youth

Tessa Duvall | Learning the Truth About Bad Schools

2015 Speakers, Education, Equity, Food Insecurity, Innovation, Poverty, Stereotypes, Youth

Jordan Edelheit | Breaking Stereotypes, Building Empathy

2015 Speakers, Human Rights, Incarceration, Innovation, Prison Reform, Stereotypes