Philip Robbie | Examining the Unbuilt

Looking back over his 30-year career as an architect, Philip Robbie reflects not on the projects he saw to completion, but on those that remained unbuilt. He accepts these unrealized opportunities, recognizing that, many times, he lacked the confidence to share them, fearing they would appear too extreme. It’s only through hindsight that he sees these projects were uniquely appropriate at the time. This condition is common well beyond the architecture field: we all have projects left unbuilt, songs left unsung, stories left unwritten, and ideas that were undefended and never realized. The gifts we have come with responsibilities. Those moments when we waffle? When we pull back? That’s when we must step forward. We must find that courage, to build the unbuilt, write the unwritten, sing the unsung and defend the undefended. We have an obligation to bring our gifts into the world as we see fit, but they must be brought. To not do so is to die before our time.

Philip Robbie is the National Design Director for RS&H, a national engineering, architecture, and consulting firm based in Jacksonville. Philip has 30 years of international experience in all areas of architectural practice. These services include master planning, programming, space planning, interior design, and architectural design. He has specialized in the collaborative process and is a graphics facilitator. These skills have become the basis of RS&H’s pre-design and design services. Developing internal studios, NXT GEN studios, mentoring staff, facilitating design charrettes, along with public presentations of major commissions are frequent responsibilities. His work has gained recognition in the profession through numerous American Institute of Architects design awards and as a visiting guest lecturer; he also has been featured in several professional publications. Philip has a diverse background in the demanding markets of higher education, aviation, healthcare, and corporate clients, and has provided these services in both the U.S. and Canada.