Tracy Alloway, Ph.D. | Facebook Fearless: How Social Media Can Be Good For You

2016 Speakers, Memory, Social Media, Technology

Rick Baker | Building Seamless Cities

2016 Speakers, Equity, Placemaking, Policy, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Gary Chartrand | It’s Okay To Be Unreasonable

2016 Speakers, Education, Innovation, Philanthropy, Science, STEM, Technology, Youth

Gay Culverhouse | Helmets Don’t Work and Never Will

2016 Speakers, Athletics, Brain Injuries, Health

Cornelia Dinca | Is Your City for People or Cars?

2016 Speakers, Transportation, Urban Planning

Jeanine Hoff | Where is the Sunshine? My Journey as a Mental Health Survivor

2016 Speakers, Community, Education, Mental Health

Sheena Koshy | The Myth of Legal Immigration

2016 Speakers, Citizenship, Immigration, Policy, Stereotypes

Donna Orender | Fear NOT the Ask

2016 Speakers, Activism, Athletics, Equity, Leadership, Sexism

Mark Tumeo | The Politics of Fear

2016 Speakers, Fear, Politics, Stereotypes

JeffriAnne Wilder | Race Talk: Activating the Power of Self-Definition

2016 Speakers, Academia, Diversity, Equity, Race, Sexism, Sociology