Fatène Ben-Hamza | Collaboration: Venturing Further With Safe Spaces

2015 Speakers, Arab Spring, Fear, Human Rights, Safe Spaces

Jennifer Adler | Illusions: A Lens into Our Fragile Freshwater

2015 Speakers, Climate Change, Photography, Sustainability, Water

Tessa Duvall | Learning the Truth About Bad Schools

2015 Speakers, Education, Equity, Food Insecurity, Innovation, Poverty, Stereotypes, Youth

Kevin Hyde | Ban the Box

2015 Speakers, Discrimination, Incarceration, Job Training, Stereotypes

Jim Barbaresso | Driverless Cars and Connected Infrastructure: The Future?

2015 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Transportation, Urban Planning

Peter Carney | Designing Curiosity

2015 Speakers, Education, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Music, Technology, Youth

Jordan Edelheit | Breaking Stereotypes, Building Empathy

2015 Speakers, Human Rights, Incarceration, Innovation, Prison Reform, Stereotypes

Kevin Gover | (Re)Making History: The Real Story Is Bigger and Better

2015 Speakers, History, Native Americans, Race, Stereotypes

Tim Harris | What Is Important Is Love

2015 Speakers, Community, Disability, Inspiration

Mark McCombs | Why Every Kid Should Build a Robot

2015 Speakers, Education, Robotics, Science, STEM, Technology, Youth