Neil Moore | International Music Educator

With so many technologies emerging on so many fronts, can the human brain keep up? Over the next decade we will witness the arrival of a technological tsunami that will transform life on earth and redefine what it means to be a human being. Given the world that we’re heading into, it’s essential for us to consider that the critical currency and personal attribute of the future will be creativity. Quite simply, humanity needs to think more creatively than ever before. By providing the brain with the critical neurological nutrition of musicianship, music educator Neil Moore believes we can discover and reconnect to our innate creative capability and prepare ourselves for the complex and challenging future we face.

Take Action:
1) Start to become aware of how many of your most basic daily activities are underscored by rhythm and musicality
2) Search online for a teacher who is trained in Playing-Based music education
3) Check out three books that take an in-depth look at Playing-Based music education:
“A World Where Everyone Plays” — Bernadette Ashby
“I Found Your Keys” — Laurie Richards
“Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships” — Neil Moore
Neil Moore | How music can future proof your brain

Australian educator Neil Moore is the Founder of Simply Music, an international music education organization. Neil's Simply Music program codifies the way that music occurred to him as a young child — hearing music and visualizing shapes and patterns. His unique approach democratizes music learning and transforms how quickly people can learn how to play and teach music. Neil's vision is to cause a breakthrough in access to musical self expression and elevate the creative capability of humanity. Simply Music is taught by licensed educators throughout the world, and his online, self-study program provides education to students across 132 countries.