JJ Grey | Front Porch Soul

JJ Grey’s 2013 album, This River, is named for the St. John’s River — a centering point for his childhood — and many of Grey’s songs reflect his love for the North Florida wilderness in which he grew up. “I guess I’ve never really believed that there is an environment that’s separate from me. I reckon that my connection to the environment, which I could call my home, is part of the connection to myself. I believe that whatever I do to my home and everything in it, I do, in turn, to myself.”

Over the course of nine albums and nearly two decades of touring, JJ Grey’s grimy blend of front-porch soul and down-home storytelling has taken him around the world and back again. Beating the streets on nearly every continent, he and his band Mofro have sewn a continuous thread of laying-it-on-the-line shows that move folks to dance and at times to tears.