Hank Coxe | When Will Your Child Be Eligible for Parole?

No one disputes that America incarcerates people at a higher rate than any civilized country in the world. Why do we feel we need to do it to our children? And why are we the only country in the “civilized” world that sentences children to die in prison? Celebrated trial lawyer Hank Coxe asks, where is the morality in incarcerating children? Youth incarceration in America is out of control and a moral stain on our country.

Hank Coxe received his undergraduate degree from The University of the South (Sewanee) and law degree from Washington & Lee University. At the State Attorney's Office, he served as director of all felony divisions, the special prosecution division (complex crimes), and then managed his own law firm. He joined the Bedell Firm in 1996.

Considered one of the most esteemed lawyers in the State of Florida and a former special prosecutor for the Florida State Attorney's office, Coxe served on the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission and the Florida Supreme Court Innocence Commission. He is widely recognized for his pro bono work, fundraising for legal aid and improving the administration of justice.

Coxe is committed to changing the way our youth are being imprisoned today, a way he considers fundamentally contrary to a truly civilized society.