Diana Greene, PhD | Education Leader

Our student populations (and country) are becoming less White. But despite Black women earning the majority of college degrees (at a 67% higher rate than any racial or gender class), they are not commonly found in leadership roles in school districts. Black women who aspire to these positions in both secondary and higher education must overcome obstacles such as gender stereotypes, institutional biases, and a lack of administrative support. Black women educators bring a diverse set of experiences and viewpoints to their work, which is critical to encouraging different perspectives, broadening students’ world views, and fostering innovation. Dr. Diana Greene, the former Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools, believes that one way to improve our educational system is to empower more women of color to hold leadership roles that impact and influence public policy centered on education. Education plays a critical role in society. More Black women leaders can make a difference.

Take Action:
1) Mentor female students of color for leadership roles.
2) Support/Mentor female educators of color to take on leadership roles.
3) Current/Past Female Superintendents of Color: Reach out and mentor, represent in the community, contribute to the body of research on leadership to inspire females of color to join the ranks.
Diana Greene, PhD | Diversity is not an Option: Black women educators are leaders

Dr. Diana Greene has served in public education for over 37 years, previously holding roles as a classroom teacher, school principal, director of professional learning, deputy superintendent and most recently serving as the Superintendent of Duval County Public Schools (DCPS), the 20th-largest school district in the nation. A champion of children, families, and educators, Dr. Greene oversaw many transformative changes in her role as a superintendent including increasing and maintaining the district’s highest graduation rates over her five-year tenure, removing all schools from the state’s turnaround list, and cutting the number of low-performing schools by more than half. In addition, she led the effort to pass two referendums for improved and new facilities and teacher compensation. Dr. Diana Greene concluded her exceptional tenure as one of only a handful of Black women in the country serving as superintendents of large school districts. With a deep commitment to social justice and racial healing, Dr. Greene leads Children’s Literacy Initiative as its Chief Executive Officer, spearheading the organization’s work of partnering with school systems across the nation to provide the antiracist early literacy instruction, support, and advocacy needed to create equity in education.