Jeff Sheffield | The Pulse Behind a Smart City

2019 Speakers, Innovation, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Jaimison Sloboden | Creating People-Safe Roads

2017 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Rick Baker | Building Seamless Cities

2016 Speakers, Equity, Placemaking, Policy, Smart Cities, Urban Planning

Cornelia Dinca | Is Your City for People or Cars?

2016 Speakers, Transportation, Urban Planning

Ali Butcher | Re-Imagining Urban Space

2014 Speakers, Arts & Culture, Community, Placemaking, Policy, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Urban Planning

Ed McMahon | Where am I? The Power of Uniqueness

2014 Speakers, Community, Historic Preservation, Placemaking, Sustainability, Urban Planning

Jim Barbaresso | Driverless Cars and Connected Infrastructure: The Future?

2015 Speakers, Data, Smart Cities, Transportation, Urban Planning

Peter Rummell | Placemaking Meets Healthmaking

2015 Speakers, Collaboration, Health, Placemaking, Urban Planning