Iva Ballou | Facial Difference Advocate

2023 Speakers, Activism, Civic Engagement, Facial Differences, Health, Policy
Lainie Ishbia

LAINIE ISHBIA | Gambling On Humanity With An Invisible Disability

2022 Speakers, Activism, Disability, Discrimination

Deyona Burton | What’s in a Name?

2021 Speakers, Activism, Leadership, Policy, Youth

Anne Driscoll | We Are All Witnesses

2018 Speakers, Activism, Crime, Memory

Jeffreen Hayes, Ph.D | Arts Activism In Simple Steps

2018 Speakers, Activism, Arts & Culture, Diversity, Race

Chris Hand | Citizen: The Most Important Title in American Democracy

2017 Speakers, Activism, Citizenship, Democracy, Policy, Politics

Chevara Orrin | The Art of Soul Collecting

2013 Speakers, Activism, Community, Diversity, LGBTQIA, Social Justice

Donna Orender | Fear NOT the Ask

2016 Speakers, Activism, Athletics, Equity, Leadership, Sexism

Chip Southworth | Art, A Powerful Conduit For Change

2014 Speakers, Activism, Arts & Culture, Diversity