By any measure, America is in the midst of a mental health crisis.
  • One in five American adults experience a mental health issue.
  • One in 10 young people experience a period of major depression.
  • One in 25 Americans live with a serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression.
  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States—more than double the number of lives lost to homicide.
The numbers are staggering. But because of long-held stigmas, misconceptions and stereotypes, mental illness is an issue that continues to be marginalized and ignored. Nationally, Florida ranks 49th among the 50 states for funding mental health. The State Legislature has long asserted that nonprofits, volunteer groups and private partnerships can adequately meet the need for preventative mental health services. As a result, rather than focusing on preventative treatment, Florida only provides urgent care for the mentally ill when it becomes an unavoidable emergency.  Moreover, the Florida Legislature’s recent decision not to expand Medicaid coverage to its most vulnerable populations further exacerbates the problem of lack of access and resources for people who desperately need mental health assistance. Join us September 17th for an open and honest conversation about these issues.  TEDxJacksonville has partnered with Baptist Health to host a Salon at the Jessie Ball duPont Center, 40 East Adams Street, in downtown Jacksonville. Our program will feature four TED Talks centered on mental health. After viewing the talks, we will have an opportunity to discuss the talks with local experts, and explore what we can do as a community, not only to destigmatize mental illness, but also find solutions to mental health needs so that those suffering can recover and live happy, productive and full lives. [This event has concluded.] The evening’s discussion leaders include:
  • Dr. Shariq Refai specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental, addictive and emotional disorders.
  • Dr. Steven Cuffe’s research focuses on the prevalence and treatment of mental disorders in children.
  • Dr. Terrie Andrews’s training helps guide parents through a thorough assessment of a child’s development. Her experience in the school system helps parents navigate through school policies and procedures.
The program will be preceded by delicious hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine per attendee. We hope to have you join us!