Local government must often make decisions on multifaceted issues, and those choices have substantial implications for our community. But when those choices are made without robust citizen input, the quality of our governance suffers. Now, more than ever, it’s important that each one of us assumes the burden of civic participation. Changes in workforce demographics and advances in technology are prompting a fundamental transformation to the landscape in which government operates. Changes in campaign finance laws have given moneyed voices outsized influence. We must work together to strengthen civil service, and the systems that support it. We must also ask ourselves: is our current system working?
Excellence in Governance
That’s the theme for our next TEDxJacksonville Salon, to be held on May 9th, in Hemming Park, starting at 5:30 p.m. Ben Warner will open with his farewell message to the city of Jacksonville. Then we’ll watch a few TED Talks highlighting current innovations and best practices related to overcoming critical challenges in Jacksonville. After, we’ll discuss solutions to those issues. Join TEDxJacksonville, along with local government officials, voting and leadership organizations, and community thinkers for an evening of sharing ideas to strengthen Jacksonville’s future. Tickets are $15, and we expect this Salon to fill up quickly. Please make sure to secure your seat today.

Our Excellence in Governance discussion leaders:

  • Angela DeMonbreun, League of Women Voters
  • Jill Dame, Leadership Jacksonville
  • Ben Warner, JCCI
  • Tina Wirth, JAXUSA
  • Meredith O’Malley Johnson, JAX Young Voters Coalition

Discussion Leaders:

Angela DeMonbreun serves as president of the League of Women Votors Jacksonville First Coast, working daily to increase informed voter participation through education and advocacy.

JIll Dame is Executive Director of Leadership Jacksonville, a year-long program that explores the dynamics of an urban society, analyzes major areas of community concern, facilitates the development of leadership capacities and promotes a network of community trustees.

Ben Warner is the President & CEO of JCCI, a non-profit dedicated to bringing people together to learn about their community, engage in problem solving, and act to make positive change. He will be leaving the organization May 1st, and will move to Italy with his family. Ben spoke at our 2013 TEDxJacksonville conference; you can view his talk here.

Tina Wirth is the vice-president of education and workforce development for JAXUSA, a private, non-profit division of the JAX Chamber; its mission is to be a catalyst for economic growth and maximize the region’s unique resources to aggressively recruit jobs and capital investment.

Meredith O’Malley Johnson is on the Board of Directors of JAX Young Voters Coalition, and is passionate about community advocacy, startups and downtown revitalization. Her background is as a veteran political campaigner, working in various positions including communications, field and finance on 12 state and local campaigns.