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Hidden No More

Recap for Hidden No More: The Immigrants Within Our Community

With its promise of freedom and potential for unparalleled opportunity, America has been shaped since its inception by immigrants who accept the challenge of building new lives here. Because of war, love, hope, or necessity, each person brings a desire for a better future and...

Truth or Consequences: Why the Media Still Matter

Recap for Truth or Consequences: Why the Media Still Matter

Open your phone. Which apps occupy the valuable real estate on your home screen? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Which app would be the first you open to find breaking news? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms may be the first place we look to for news,...


“What is Good Governance?” Ben Warner

Ben Warner (@BenWarner) is the President & CEO of Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI).  On May 9th Ben Warner tackled the topic “What is Good Governance?”. Local government must often make decisions on multifaceted issues, and those choices have substantial implications for our community. But when those choices are...