The mission of TEDxJacksonville is to open minds with inspiring ideas. We value curiosity, creativity, innovation, and diversity, and work to advance these values by curating opportunities for conversation and shared connections.

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Why Shouldn’t YOU be in the audience?

For the last year, the TEDxJAX team has been working hard to build an engaging, enlightening, and meaningful program for our upcoming conference on October 25th. Our theme this year is (un)knowing. (Un)knowing is not ignorance, but rather a conscious decoupling from what society has assumed to be immutable truths. What knowledge–if unlearned–would open minds? What […]



Our next TEDxJacksonville Salon, scheduled for August 2nd, will address the topic of Community Health

We’ve partnered with Baptist Health to host a Community Health Salon on August 2nd at the Phillips Fine Arts Center at Jacksonville University. Like the popular program we hosted in May at the Jacksonville Zoo, this Salon will pair screenings of select TED Talks with intimate, focused roundtable discussions on issues that matter to our city. The […]



Creating Value and Impact in the Social Era

A recent Forbes article reminds us how profoundly the traditional business model that built so many great American companies has been upended by the rapid-fire changes of the 21st century.  And we’re tickled pink that the “independently organized and curated events of TEDx” are one of the forces credited with creating the “new ethos [that […]

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