Yvette Angelique

Director of Speaker Coaches
Yvette Angelique, MA-TLA, is a poet, teaching artist, and proven change strategist. She runs Narratives for Change, an arts-based social practice providing writing workshops, facilitating story circles, and publishing poetry chapbooks, essays, book chapters, EPs, and articles. In the fall of 2019 at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Yvette’s dream came true when she was selected as an associate artist to work with U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo. Compelling storytelling is a way Yvette draws attention to social conditions and empowers individuals and communities to lead change. She works with artists, cultural workers, organizational leaders, and their teams to help unpack, make sense of, and disrupt oppressive narratives. Equal representation of women’s voices in discourse across multiple disciplines is Yvette’s vision. So she seeks opportunities to help women and girls use storytelling to heal, create art for consciousness-raising and advocacy. A Harvard Case study recognizes her work as a best practice in mentoring and African American executive leadership. Yvette lives in Atlantic Beach, FL with her jazz-musician-banker husband, and a text away from her two precious adult children.