Why Shouldn’t YOU be in the audience?

For the last year, the TEDxJAX team has been working hard to build an engaging, enlightening, and meaningful program for our upcoming conference on October 25th. Our theme this year is (un)knowing.

(Un)knowing is not ignorance, but rather a conscious decoupling from what society has assumed to be immutable truths. What knowledge–if unlearned–would open minds? What must we (un)know in order to make Jacksonville an ever-better city?

If you’d like to part of this conversation, we invite you to join us at this year’s conference. To show your interest in attending, all you have to do is apply. The application process helps us build a dynamic and diverse audience with broad interests, expertise and perspectives. We conduct a comprehensive, thoughtful review of every application we receive. We will extend invitations to purchase tickets based on the merits of your application, and the special talents we believe you will bring to the event. The anticipated fee to attend TEDxJacksonville 2014 is $100.

We look forward to getting to know you!

We’re sorry, but the application period has now closed. The event is sold out.