Great ideas get lost if they’re not shared.

A single idea has the power to ripple across the planet. That’s the promise and potential at the core of every TEDxJacksonville talk. Because of technological advances, ideas can instantly cross international boundaries and fundamentally transform discussions about crime and justice, economics, education, politics—anything and everything about which people are passionate.

But that won’t happen unless we make sharing and acting upon these ideas a priority. As Seth Goden said, “An idea that just sits there is worthless.

We don’t have to wait for great ideas to spread organically, or hope that they accidentally become part of a viral discussion. We can plan for it, optimize it, and make it happen. Here’s how you can help:

Stop being neutral. If something moves you, embrace it fully. Stand behind the idea, and stand up for it.

Get personal. Reach out to your personal, professional and social networks, urging them to join you in promoting meaningful change on the issues you care about.

Take Action

ANNE DRISCOLL | We Are All Witnesses

  • Learn about the weaknesses of memory. Here’s a good place to start.
  • Inform yourself about your local law enforcement and judiciary who are elected officials such as District Attorneys, Attorneys General, Sheriffs and Justices. Visit
  • Use your democratic right to vote.
  • Serve on a jury but before you do, inform yourself about the limits and risks of eyewitness testimony, forensic science, snitch testimony, official misconduct, ineffective counsel and false confessions.
  • Explore the issue of wrongful convictions through film and television, podcasts, books and news accounts. There is a growing number of resources available, but books such as Blind Injustice by Mark Godsey or Convicting the Innocent by Brandon Garrett, documentary series such as Making a Murderer and The Staircase (both available on Netflix) and podcasts such as Serial (Season 1) or West Cork are respected accounts.
  • Support those who support people who either assist those who have been wrongfully convicted or help the public understand the issue, such as the Innocence Project, the National Registry of Exonerations or the Sunny Center.
  •  Learn about the cases of those people who claim their innocence. Write to them or their lawyers.

BEN CARLTON | I’m Black, I’m a Minister, and I’m Gay. Who Are You To Judge?

  • Check out Ben’s upcoming I’m Black, I’m a Minister, and I’m Gay: 7 Reasons Why Living Your Truth Won’t Send You to Hell. For years Benjamin prayed earnestly in hopes of God “delivering” him from homosexuality, not realizing that his being gay was all a part of God’s perfect design. His spellbinding story shatters the myth of the petty, vengeful, fault-finding God and reveals a God who is loving, compassionate, and wants you to win. Through riveting stories of triumph and defeat, Benjamin uses his wit and unfailing humor to take you on his journey of resurrecting unconditional love. Preorders only available at #imfreeforme 
  • Support BMe Community.

IRIS IVANA GRANT | Radical Philanthropy

  • Visit to start discussions about philanthropy as a lifestyle.

JEFFREEN HAYES, Ph.D. | A New Leash on Life for American Veterans

  • Ask your network for introductions to artists. Schedule a coffee date with the artist and listen. Invite them to work with you to organize a Breaking Bread dinner. Create a racially, ethnically diverse guest list that includes cultural leaders, foundation officers, civic leaders, and interested community members who are not artists. Send a personalized and welcoming invitation to the guest list. Cap the number of dinner guests in attendance to 15 people. Hire a caterer from a marginalized group. Welcome your guests with authenticity and vulnerability. Enjoy an eye-opening evening!

KRISTIN KEEN | Trafficking in Lives

  • Shop and donate to Rethreaded.
  • Donate and volunteer at your local organization that offers survivors services.
  • Run arrest records in your own county.  It will show how many women are arrested for selling and how many men are arrested for selling.  You will be able to see the disparity for yourself.  We are punishing the victim and not the oppressor.

ANUNNAKI RAY MARQUEZ | Born Intersex: We are human!

ASH PERRIN | The Power of Play

  • Ash Perrin is the founder of The Flying Seagull Project, a UK-based non-profit that uses the power of play to help traumatised and disadvantaged children rediscover their self-belief and happiness. Ash and his team have brought play and laughter to more than 115,000 children across 13 countries in four continents. They’ve seen amazing transformations: the burden of premature adulthood lifted; children unable to engage, who do not want to speak, become vocal, loving and popular members of the group; frowns, fear and anxiety replaced by smiles, positivity and confidence.
  • You can find out how to support Ash’s work by visiting, and you can connect with The Flying Seagull Project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ash’s philosophy about why traditional forms of play matter, and how we can preserve them, is the subject of his forthcoming book, The Real Play Revolution, due for release on 19th May 2019 by Watkins Publishing.

PHILIP ROBBIE | Examining the Unbuilt

  • Philip’s Take Action items are still being developed. Check back soon!

CLAUDIA WILNER | Driving While Poor 

  • Connect with the National Center for Law and Economic Justice on our website, Facebook, and Twitter to learn more about our groundbreaking work to end poverty-based suspensions of drivers’ licenses.
  • Florida residents:  Support a statewide campaign to reform driver’s license suspension laws!  Contact the Fines and Fees Justice Center for more information or to get involved.

JOY WOLFRAM, Ph.D | The Promise of Nanomedicine

  • Support the mission of Dr. Wolfram’s Nanomedicine and Extracellular Vesicles Laboratory, which works to bring new treatment strategies for liver damage, metastatic breast cancer and other diseases to clinical practice, by making a donation here.

MARK WOODS | Find Your Rock: Why we need our national parks

BRIAN WU | Have You Ever Seen a Planet With Two Suns?

  • Engage with the many public exoplanet hunting efforts that are currently underway. One of the most prominent ones (and the project most related to Brian’s own research) is known as the Planet Hunters, part of the Zooniverse, a collection of “web-based citizen science projects that use the efforts of volunteers to help researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them.” The Planet Hunters project is the one that is most related to my research, though numerous other astronomy-based citizen science projects are available from the Zooniverse as well. In fact, one of the major astrophysical mysteries of the decade, KIC 8462852, was discovered with the help of the Planet Hunters project, and is the subject of a TED talk.
  • High schoolers and college students: Seek out your own research opportunities. You should feel confident in finding an opportunity that allows you to do what you enjoy most!