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Water Salon 3

Tapping Into Jacksonville’s “Incredible Jewels”

TEDxJacksonville dives into water activation with stellar panel at first event of 2017 at Jacksonville University Close your eyes for a moment and think about YOUR Jacksonville. I’m thinking about a place with distinct neighborhoods all bustling with a variety of arts, people, and food. A Jacksonville...


April 5 Salon: Water, Duval’s Untapped Resource

Jacksonville owes its very existence to the waters that surround and flow through it. The city’s proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s longest river has yielded lavish opportunities for commerce, transport, tourism, recreation, sustenance and simple beauty. Yet despite its near ubiquity, water remains...


Join Us for Our April 16th Salon on Aging

America is aging rapidly. What does this mean in a 21st-century society? By 2030, the U.S. population over age 65 is expected to exceed 88 million people. That’s twice as many as today. Yet, as a nation, we are woefully unprepared to address the challenges—much less take...