TEDxJacksonville 2015

On October 24th, we invite you to enter Into the Machine.

Today we are in the infancy of a second Machine Age, one with profoundly disruptive potential. Man and machine have melded. Artificial intelligence is real. Virtual communities feel authentic. We enjoy near-boundless access to information that enriches our lives, in exchange for allowing invisible machines to decrypt our every impulse and keystroke.

Our perceptions of reality, our structures of meaning, our sense of identity—all are touched and transformed by the machines we have built to mediate between our world and ourselves. But whether it’s the public relations machines curating our culture, or the therapeutic implants transforming our biological limitations, or the social machines crowdsourcing solutions to intractable problems, we are right to wonder which of us—man or machine—is truly in control.

Machines are the essential engines of our future progress. Advances in manufacturing, communications, computer technology, and processing power will dramatically accelerate the brilliant reinvention of our world, and fundamentally transform our lives. But the question remains: in this new age, what role will humanity play?



Speaker line up coming soon…


The event will be held at WJCT’s Studio A Soundstage, a spectacular facility with over 7,800 square feet of unobstructed television and film production space, 30-foot ceiling heights, and the brand new three-wall cyclorama, totaling 125 linear feet and measuring 23 feet tall.